Dynamics and CR Geometry

Basic Information

Funding Source: Austrian Science Fund (FWF) and French National Research Fund (ANR)

Duration: 01.01.2015 - 31.08.2019

Principal Investigator: Bernhard Lamel

Project Number: I1776 International Project (joint with French National Research Fund (ANR))


We propose to study problems from local dynamics, CR geometry, algebraic geometry, and pluripotential theory which are closely linked to each other: Local dynamics helps to reduce classification of symmetric CR manifolds; these, on the other hand, appear as natural invariant objects for some dynamical systems. The question surrounding the difference between an analytic and a formal classification leads to an exciting link with open problems surrounding the Artin approximation theorem in algebraic geometry. Lastly, in rougher settings, one needs to find substitutes for analytic geometric invariants, and we propose to look for them in pluripotential theory.